A Biker’s Guide To Selecting The Best Motorcycle Jacket In Town

A Biker’s Guide To Selecting The Best Motorcycle Jacket In Town

Purchasing the right motorcycle jacket can be a challenging task. Regardless of your riding style, wearing a jacket can protect you against dangerous accidents and can also increase maneuverability on the road.

If you're confused and are unable to select the right motorcycle jacket, fret not! This detailed guide will provide you all the information you will need while selecting the best motorcycle jacket.

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Reasons To Wear A Motorcycle Jacket

Nothing is more important than your safety on the road, which is why you should invest in a high-quality motorcycle jacket. Still wondering why you can't sport a regular motorcycle jacket? Here are some benefits of wearing a motorcycle jacket:

Look Your Best

What's the point of having the best motorcycle in the neighbor when you're not sporting the right look?

Motorcycle jackets are specifically designed to suit your super-cool sports ride, which is why a casual jacket might not be a good choice if you're cruising on the road. A rugged motorcycle jacket displays your passion for bike riding and is a represents your personality.

Provides Safety

Most important of all, a motorcycle jacket has several features that are designed to protect you in the case of a horrible accident.

Mesh Motorcycle Jacket for Men

Source: motorcyclehouse.com

Wearing a regular jacket can be dangerous as it is not equipped to handle your fall. Specialized jackets and suits feature padding that will cushion the body and reduce the impacts of injury during an accident.

Offers Protective Against Different Weather Conditions

Regular jackets and clothing are not equipped to offer you protection against changing weather conditions. If you're a motorbike rider who spends long hours on the road, you'll require a sturdy motorcycle jacket that is water-resistant and designed to handle wear and tear.

Fortunately, most motorcycle jackets can be worn year-around, providing you protection against rain, snow or extreme sunlight. You are unlikely to find a versatile motorcycle jacket like this one anywhere else.

Increased Visibility On The Road

Motorcycle bike riders may not be visible on the road, especially when it is dark outside. Wearing a motorcycle jacket increases visibility so that others can identify you immediately. Additionally, most jackets include colorful or reflective stripes that further increase visibility on the road.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Motorcycle Jacket

You will find a large variety of motorcycle jackets in the market. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are a couple of factors one should consider when purchasing a motorcycle jacket:

Invest In A Jacket According To Your Riding Style

First off, start by evaluating your riding style. Would you benefit from a one-piece suit or something more flexible?

One piece motorcycle suit.

Source: visordown.com

Here’s everything you need to know to decide between the two different types:

  • One-Piece Suit - A one-piece suit offers full protection, which is a popular choice for serious bike riders because it fits closely to the skin and the material does not blow or flap due to heavy winds.
  • Two Piece-Suits - Purchasing a combination of motorcycle pants and jacket can be quite beneficial for you in the long run. Some pants can be zippered to the jacket. A two-piece is a more suitable option if you are traveling short distances. Not to mention, you can conveniently take off your jacket and replace it with an everyday coat. Another notable advantage is that two-piece motorcycle jackets typically offer more storage space compared to most one-piece suits in the market.


The performance of the jacket will greatly depend on its material and its overall construction. The most popular materials include:


Leather motorcycle jackets are insanely popular because of its amazing aesthetic appeal. Not to mention the material is durable and abrasion resistance. The leather is highly durable and does an excellent job of protecting the rider against unexpected injuries and accidents.

Joe Rocket Classic '92 Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Source: rideapart.com

Here are some notable advantages of choosing leather jackets:

  • Durable: Leather is a highly durable material, with brands selling leather jackets for decades now. Most manufacturers treat leather, making it more durable and resistant. While it’s true that leather is an expensive material, it is definitely worth the price because of its durability.
  • Timeliness: Unlike other fabrics which might run out of style in the following years, leather is timeless. Not to mention, the material is a representation of your elegant style. So rest assured, you are making a long-term investment while purchasing a leather jacket.
  • Flexibility: Sure, at first sight, leather may seem sturdy and unbreakable, but that is not the case. As time goes by, leather will become more flexible while retaining its strength and shape. So, if your leather jacket seems uncomfortable and rubbery at first, don't worry. The material is likely to become more flexible as time passes.

Textile Jacket

Textile jackets are incredibly popular because of its versatility and durability. The lightweight material does not feel bulky like leather which makes it an excellent choice for summer motorcycle rides. Since the material is easier to work with, most textile jackets include numerous features such as storage pockets, adjustable fitting, and CE armor.

Women's motorcycle textile jacket

Source: motorcyclehouse.com

Some notable benefits of textile jackets include:

  • Lightweight: Textile jackets are made using lightweight mesh fabrics that make it great for all-around the year motorcycle riding.
  • Price: Quality leather is expensive and may not be a practical choice for everyone. Fortunately, the good quality textile is available at a reasonable price substantial.
  • Waterproof: Unlike leather, a textile material has better waterproof capabilities and can be used all around the year. Not to mention, because of its lightweight construction, you can also wear the jacket during hot summer days.

Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Mesh motorcycle are increasing in popularity because of its lightweight construction and comfort. Mesh jackets are easily available in the market and offer plenty of benefits to the user.

Free-Air Vented Mesh Airbag Motorcycle Jacket

Source: advdesigns.com

Here are some benefits of wearing a mesh motorcycle jacket:

  • Protection: Because of its lightweight construction, mesh motorcycle jackets don't offer the same kind of protection as leather or textile jackets. Mesh jackets are suitable only for short distances. While some brands may sell jackets with back and elbow armors, you should not expect the same kind of protection as other materials.
  • Comfort: Mesh motorcycle jackets are highly known for its lightweight construction, which offers the rider ample air flow on the motorcycle, especially when compared to other materials such as leather. Unlike other materials, you can wear mesh jackets comfortably during the summers.
  • Wear all-year around: As already mentioned, mesh jackets are essential for the summers. Some manufacturers sell high-quality jackets, which you can also wear during colder weather conditions. Mesh jackets can also withstand rain but might not be a suitable option for heavy storms.
  • Improved Performance: Because of its added comfort, mesh jackets improve overall performance and is capable of offering the perfect fit. Motorcycle riders who are not traveling long distances or need to reach their destination quickly are likely to benefit from a mesh motorcycle jacket.
  • Price: Mesh jackets are typically cheaper compared to leather or textile models. However, the quality of the product may vary depending on the brand and manufacturers. A poor quality mesh jacket may be cheap, but it will cost you proper protection.

Safety Features

Nothing is more important than your safety on the road. If you're a hardcore motorcyclist, then you need to invest in the right protective gear. Opt for a jacket that is abrasion resistant and will offer you plenty of impact protection.

Safety Features.

Source: gizmodo.com

Most motorcycle jackets in the make manufacture CE rated products to enhance quality. Additionally, most jackets include a special armor on the back or elbows to increase comfort. The armor can be removable, depending on the brand.

Elbow protectors are a must for adventure bike riders. Some brands also offer special chest, shoulder, and back protection. The level of protection required typically depends on your style of riding and of course, your personal preference.


Zippers make it easier for motorcyclists to wear or take off their jacket. These zippers are typically constructed using metal or plastic. We suggest you invest in a jacket that has a flap of fabric on the zipper to reduce the risks of injuries in case of an accident.

Rain Protection

When investing in a motorcycle jacket, bikers must choose a model that is waterproof and resistant to moisture. If the material absorbs moisture, it will make the jacket heavier, adding extra weight, which can make the motorcycle jacket especially uncomfortable to wear during summer.

Rain Protection.

Opt for a jacket that has undergone waterproof treatment. Depending on the material, you may have to apply the waterproof treatment on the jacket all over again.


Ensure the jacket you are purchasing is not prone to overheating. For instance, leather is a bulky material and may not be suitable for summer use unless it has air vents and is designed to offer protection against the sun.

Some brands treat the leather, making it more breathable. While features such as Velcro, ventilation opening and zippers make the jacket more comfortable to wear, it might damage the sustainability of the jacket.

The Best Motorcycle Jacket

When it comes to protective gear, you cannot undermine the importance of a motorcycle jacket. If you are confused about selecting the right product, fret not! We have compiled a list of some of our favorite jackets according to different categories. Our favorite products include:

Winner: Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket

The Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket is an excellent choice for bike riders who are on the budget and are on the lookout for an affordable motorcycle.

Notable Features Of The Viking Cycle Ironborn Jacket

  • Custom Adjustment System: The Textile motorcycle jacket features a 6-point Sure Fit™ custom adjustment system. Thanks to this feature, the jacket will automatically mold according to the rider's body shape, which guarantees a comfortable and snug fit.
  • Supports All-Weather Conditions: The jacket is designed to support all weather conditions. Be it winter, summer or rain. The textile jacket can hold up to the challenge, which allows bikers to wear the jacket all year around.
  • Waterproof Exterior: Treated with a Rock Tex 600 Outer Shell, the waterproof exterior protects the wearer from the rain. Additionally, the insulated liner also plays an effective role in keeping the wearer warm during chilly conditions. Simply remove the liner when the temperature rises in the summer for added comfort.


The waterproof jacket includes a removable armor and offers a comfortable fit. It also includes an insulated sleeve liner which all comes at an incredibly affordable price. The jacket comprises of high-quality materials that will keep you warm during winter days and cool in the hot summer.

Viking Cycle Ironborn Jacket.

Source: motorcyclehouse.com

Our Rating

The textile jacket has many safety features that allow motorcyclists to ride their bikes securely on the road. It has a removable armor for the shoulders and elbows which have been C.E approved. Users can also slip on the C.E spine protector for added protection. You can remove the armor for greater maneuverability and comfort.

Runner Up: Milano Motorcycle Jacket

The Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket features an elegant color combination while being completely waterproof. Bikers will be pleased to know that the motorcycle jacket is suited for both winter and summer days, this is thanks to an adjustable thermal quilted liner. The jacket also has vents located on the chest and back, ensuring bikers remain cool.

Notable Features Of The Milano Sport Gamma Jacket

  • Water Proof Liner: The motorcycle jacket has a removable thermal liner and a fixed waterproof liner for sufficient coverage in the rain. It also features CE approved padding and armors on the elbows and shoulders.
  • Velcro Adjustable Straps: Thanks to the Velcro adjustable straps on the lower arm, cuff, and elbow, bikers can adjust the fitting according to their body shape. Users also benefit from the two belts at the waist, which remain fixed in place.
  • Better Visibility: For better visibility during night time, the jacket features two reflective stripes on the back and upper arms.
  • Improved Aesthetic Appeal: With a black base color, the jacket is available in four different colors, ranging in different sizes including small and XXX-large.


Thanks to the removable thermal liner, the motorcycle jacket keeps biker riders insulated against harsh weather and windy conditions. Simply remove the thermal liners when the temperature increases for better comfort.

Milano Motorcycle Jacket

Our Rating

To prevent injuries and offer better cushioning, the Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket is equipped using with an elbow and shoulder armor which is also CE approved, which ensures the motorcycle jacket meets the standard and quality that is required to keep bikers safe from injuries.

This stylish jacket proves to be a trendy addition to your biking gear. Constructed using the highest quality materials, the Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket is an excellent and affordable accessory that can adapt to all kinds of weather conditions, which is possible thanks to the brushed lining and the adjustable collar.

Alternative: Track Motorcycle Jacket

The Track Motorcycle Leather Jacket is made using genuine leather, featuring a striking black color. It includes five removable armors for the elbows, shoulders, and back.

Notable Features Of The Track Jacket

  • Removable 5C Molded Armor: Strong molded armor is designed to protect the back, shoulders, and elbows. You can remove the armor according to your convenience.
  • Sturdy Zippers: The jacket is secured using high-quality YKK zippers that are exceptional in quality.
  • Better Visibility: For better visibility in the dark, the motorcycle jacket includes reflective stripes on the back, sleeves, and chest.
  • Ventilation Zippers and Multiple Pockets: Store away your most prized possessions in the jacket using the multiple pockets. The motorcycle jacket also has multiple ventilation zippers.
Track motorcycle biker armor leather jacket

Soruce: jackets4bikes.com

Our Rating

The jacket is secured using Velcro sealed pockets. The elbow and shoulder armor are padded using double density foam. Additional features include collar snap, zippered cuffs, and waist adjustment.

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Here's our recommendation for the best mesh motorcycle jacket:

Winner: Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0.

Are in search of a high-quality mesh motorcycle that is also stylish? Consider investing in the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0. This motorcycle jacket features a free-air mesh shell that reinforces the elbows and shoulders. Customers will also be pleased to know that the armor is CE approved.

Notable Features Of The Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0. Jacket

  • Abrasion Resistant Poly Panels: With the abrasion resistant poly panels, the jacket protects the key impact points, building a stronger foundation. The elbow and shoulder protectors are CE-rated and offer a better feel compared to other motorcycle jackets in the market. High-quality textile on the shoulder and elbows ensure the jacket lasts for several years to come without any problems.
  • Affordability: For its reasonable price, the motorcycle jacket offers brilliant value. Compared to other motorcycle jackets in the market, the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 offers many cool features including effective armor inserts and improved ventilation.
  • Superior Airflow: The Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0.Offers superior air flow thanks to its open-cell design, which allows air to stream through.​
  • Removable Spinal Pad: For added protection, the jacket includes a removable padding on the spinal area along with a high-density padding near the kidneys, ribs and lower back.


The removable spine pad also offers extra protection. Motorcyclists also benefit from the high-density sculpted padding in the torso. The removable waterproof liner ensures bikers remain dry during rainy weather conditions.

Motorcycle Riding Jacket (Red/Black).

Source: revzilla.com

Our Rating

While most mesh jackets in the market offer nothing but good airflow, the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 includes a solid padding that keeps bikers safe against hard pavements and obstacles on the road. Comfortable on the back, the removable spine pad contours according to the biker’s body shape.

Runner Up: BILT Blaze Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Regardless of how serious you are about bike riding, it is crucial you invest in a high-quality motorcycle jacket. Unfortunately, most jackets on the market are made using tough, bulky materials which might not be comfortable to use during hot summer days.

Notable Features Of The BILT Blaze Mesh Jacket

  • Superior Durability: The Mesh Motorcycle Jacket is made using high-quality ultra-flow mesh materials, which not only protects bikers on the road while offering maximum airflow.
  • Reflective Piping: For better visibility in the dark, the mesh jacket includes reflective piping in the dark.
  • Memory Foam Padding: Soft memory foam padding offers superior comfort and added protection. Bikers can also remove the padding when the weather gets warm.


If you live in an area with hot weather conditions, it is essential you invest in a mesh motorcycle jacket. Mesh materials are designed to offer maximum airflow while protecting you against dangerous accidents.

Black Bilt blaze jacket.

Source: cyclegear.com

Our Rating

The BILT Blaze Mesh Motorcycle is available in a striking black color and is available in some sizes ranging from small and XX-large, which allows bikers to choose an appropriate size according to their fitting. Bikers benefit from superior air flow thanks to the jacket's ultra-flow mesh body and removable foam back panel.

For better visibility in the dark, the motorcycle jacket also features reflective piping.


A regular jacket isn’t designed to handle wear and tear like a specialized motorcycle jacket. If you are concerned about your safety on the road, use this detailed guide to make the right purchase. The right jacket will not only serve a barrier between you and the road, but it will also improve performance. Good luck!

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