101 Guide To Motorcycle Jackets

101 Guide To Motorcycle Jackets

A rugged motorcycle jacket guarantees your safety on the road while ensuring you to look your best. Purchasing the right motorcycle is important for several reasons.

Unlike in a car, a motorcycle is not shielded from outdoor elements, making the rider more susceptible to accidents. Fortunately, motorcyclists can take several preventive measures to ensure they are ready against falls and crashes, which includes buying the right protective gear.

Why You Need A Motorcycle Protective Gear

Though often bulky and inconvenient to wear, motorcycle protective gear is the only way to protect yourself against dangerous road accidents. Wearing protective gear is the only way to secure yourself.

Motorcycle Protective Gear.

A worn-down t-shirt and a pair of shorts will not offer you the safety you need, leading to life-threatening consequences. If you are unaware of many types of protective gear and their uses in the market, this detailed guide will offer you all the information you need to stay safe on the road.

Types Of Protective Gear

Here’s your guide to motorcycle protective gear:

Eye Protection

Good eye protection will not only prevent the wind from bugs and dirt particles from flying into your eyes but will keep distraction to a minimal. Most helmets feature visors that offer built-in eye protection. Riders can make the most out of a tinted field of vision and also remove it at their convenience.

Motorcycle Boots

Did you know that most bikes weigh up to 350 pounds or more? The truth is, you'll be supporting all this weight using your legs, ankle, and feet, which can become a problem if you are riding your bike on slippery surfaces. Fortunately, wearing a sturdy pair of non-slip, oil resistant boots with plenty of ankle support will keep your feet intact.

In the case of an accident, your feet and ankles become vulnerable to dangerous injuries, which is why you should take necessary precautions to protect them.

Wearing a sturdy pair of motorcycle boots will prevent your ankles from twisting. Soles that feature a metal plate prevent twisting and keep your ankles intact in one position.

Motorcycle Boots.

Additionally, toe boxes and strong heels also decrease the force of impact and keep your feet locked in one position. Ensure the boots have laces, which you can tightly fasten above the ankles. If the fitting is loose, your shoes are likely to fly off while you're riding the motorcycle.

For added protection, riders can also invest in knee-length boots, though that might not be a comfortable option for everybody.


The helmet is perhaps the most important safety gear you can buy. A motorcycle protects your head and face from all kinds of collisions and accidents. Riders can opt for an open-face helmet, a full-face helmet or a three-quarter one.

It's worth mentioning that a full-face helmet offers a maximum amount of coverage, which will keep bugs, dirt, and debris away from your eyes and teeth as well.


It’s basic instinct to break your fall using your hands. Unfortunately, this can cause considerable damage to the rider, especially if they fall off the bike. It is essential you invest in a pair of high quality padded gloves that will extend past your wrist to protect your fingers, knuckles, and palms.

Motorcycle Protective Gear.

Invest in motorcycle gloves that completely cover your palm, fingers, wrists and the back of your hands. The gloves must cover the skin after your wearing a jacket, which will ensure no skin is exposed and susceptible to injury.

Invest in a pair of gloves that you can strap around your wrists, which will prevent the glove from flying off in case there's an accident. Additionally, opt for a pair of gloves that are made using strong, abrasion resistant materials with proper stitching.

Shin And Knee Guards

Don’t forget about your knees, shins, and elbows! Invest in knee and shin guards which can be worn underneath jerseys to protect key body parts. These guards especially come in handy when you are wearing less protective outer layers.


Sure, an old pair of jeans might be comfortable, but it is certainly not enough to protect the rider against dangerous motorcycle accidents. Invest in a pair of pants specifically designed for motor cycle riding. Op for pants that are made using abrasion resistant materials.

Riding pants are typically made using textile or leather materials and are equipped with armor in the shins, knees, and hips for added protection. Ensure the pants fit well and are comfortable enough to offer full-leg articulation.

After investing in a pair, consider going for a ride on your bike to determine if the pants will offer proper protection.

 Waterproof CE Armor Motorcycle Pants

Some pants can zip to your jacket, and offer added protection. However, you'll need to ensure both the articles of clothing are compatible with each other.

Motorcycle Suit

Want to take your bike rides to whole new level? Consider buying yourself a head-to-toe motorcycle suit. These full-body suits are not only comfortable to wear but offer extra protection against crashes. The only downside is that they tend to be pricey.

Fret not! You don't have to feel left out if you are on a limited budget. Start by purchasing a jacket and a pair of motorcycle pants, which you can zip together. This type of clothing offers flexibility and is a more convenient option if you are heading out on a short trip.

While one-piece suits offer greater flexibility and movement, it can be expensive for some folks. Not to mention, getting out of a one-piece suit can be a chore, especially if you're going on a road trip.


A motorcycle jacket covers added protection to the chest, ribs, arms, and other organs. Invest in a motorcycle jacket that is specifically designed to offer both comfort and safety.

Motorcycle Protective Gear.

Wearing a regular jacket isn’t a good option since these jackets are not designed to withstand crashes and accidents that a specialized motorcycle jacket is built to handle. You can categorize motorcycle jackets into leather and textile motorcycle jackets.

This handy guide will teach you all there is to know about motorcycle jackets.

Leather Vs. Textile Motorcycle Jackets

As mentioned above, motorcycle jackets fall under two popular categories: textile and leather. Textile jackets are affordable. However, leather jackets give off a rugged look, allowing you to look great. Both jackets have their own set of pros and cons.

Buying a specialized motorcycle jacket is important if you want to benefit from features such as proper stitching, double seams, abrasive resistant materials and protection against wind blast.

Leather Motorcycle Jackets

The most obvious advantage of a leather motorcycle jacket is its high quality, abrasive resistant material. The top quality leather material will also prevent road rashes, which is why most professional bike riders invest in leather motorcycle jackets.

Some people also invest in leather jackets as it allows them to achieve a classic biker look because of its added aesthetic value. Leather has been a preference of motorcyclists for many years now.

Joe Rocket Classic '92 Leather Motorcycle Jacket

On the downside, leather jackets are not resistant to rainy weather conditions and can be uncomfortable to wear when the temperature is hot outside. Some brands may claim that they're products are water resistant, but you should note that leather eventually gives into moisture.

As for the heat, perforation can make wearing leather in the heat more tolerable. However, this still does not compare to the benefits of a textile jacket. Some bike riders may find leather jackets too heavy and uncomfortable to wear.

Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Textile motorcycle jackets are friendlier on the pockets are more versatile compared to their leather counterparts. Textile jackets are easier to work and typically have more built-in features compared to a leather design. If you live in an area where it is prone to rain now and then, you will benefit from a textile jacket because of its waterproof features.

Women's motorcycle textile jacket

The material is also lightweight, offering the rider better flexibility on the road compared to leather options. Textile is a breathable material and tends to be a more preferred choice for folks who live in areas with a warmer climate.

However, on the downside, the fabric cannot compete with leather regarding durability and aesthetics. Textiles are not as abrasive resistant as leather and may not be a popular choice for serious bike riders. Additionally, textile, especially mesh is likely to wear out much faster and experience wear and tear at a faster rate than most high-quality leather jackets.

Types Of Motorcycle Jacket

It’s crucial you invest in a motorcycle jacket according to your particular riding style. Here are some of the most popular types of motorcycle jackets:

Racing Motorcycle Jacket

Aggressive and street motorcycle riding requires motorcyclists to pay special attention to safety features. These jackets typically feature a high-end textile or leather garment with plenty of armor. Sports and racing jackets are typically tight fitting around the wrists and ankles, which also ensures a secure fit for your gloves and boots.

Racing Motorcycle Jacket

Some sports jackets may feature a ‘speed hump' on the back, which decreases neck fatigue and improves aerodynamics on the road, reducing the risks of accidents. However, on the downside, folks may not be able to wear a backpack with this design.

Touring Motorcycle Jackets

Touring jackets typically have a loose fit. As the name indicated, these jackets are designed for long rides and are comfortable to wear. Good quality touring jackets offer plenty of special features to boost functionality. However, it is essential you invest in a jacket that offers removable and waterproof liners that will keep you dry in harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, touring jackets have adjustable straps, which means you can remove the underlays according to your convenience. Some high-end models feature built in heating or hydration systems. Be on the lookout for jackets with special pockets to store your GPS system, communication device, and maps.

Classic Motorcycle Jackets

Classic motorcycle jackets typically offer little or no added protection. These jackets are mostly all about aesthetic appeal and feature heavy ornamentation.

Adventure Motorcycle Jacket

Adventure riding requires the bike rider to be prepared to deal with mixed terrains. The jacket must be waterproof, breathable and comfortable enough to wear, which is why most riders prefer investing in textile motorcycle jackets and pants. Similar to touring jackets, adventure motorcycle jackets offer a looser-fit.

Adventure Motorcycle Jacket

This type of jacket offers more pocket space, compact and versatility. Riders can also remove and add under-layers according to their convenience. Most adventure jackets offer a tough external shell that slows down wear and tear.

Off-road And Motocross

Dirt bike riders have specific needs. When you’re off the road, riders have to pay more attention to impact absorption as opposed to abrasion resistance. Bike riders should invest in motorcycle jackets that have a durable outer shell to guarantee their safety on grainy or dangerous terrains.

Ensure the garment is also designed to withstand wear and tear ranging from scraping roost and branches. Choosing a waterproof jacket may not be a compulsion depending on where you ride your bike. Most off-road bike riders prefer investing in textile gear.

Most off-road motorcyclists do not wear armor integrated apparel. Instead, these motorcyclists opt for special shin pads, roost deflectors, and chest protectors. Using these extra clothing items provides better airflow.

Best Motorcycle Manufacturers

Are you keen on purchasing the best motorcycle jacket according to your needs and requirements? For maximum durability, here are a couple of the best motorcycle manufacturers you should know about:

Milano Sport

Milano Sport is among the most sought out brands when it comes to purchasing the best motorcycle jackets. The brand uses high-quality materials to design the best jackets. Milano Sport offers many different types of motorcycle jackets, which means you can conveniently invest in the design that is suitable according to your needs and your riding style.

Milano Motorcycle Jacket


Motorcycle Riding Jacket (Red/Black).

Joe Rocket

Joe Rocket

Joe Rocket offers an extensive line of textile jackets, leather jackets, and mesh jackets. The brand is known for manufacturing high-quality motorcycle apparel so you can also invest in other accessories such as gloves. 

Joe Rocket motorcycle jackets are constructed using the best materials. Though slightly priced, the jackets are worth every penny and are sure to last several years with proper care.


From gloves, helmets to motorcycle jackets, Bilt offers an extensive range of motorcycle apparel for men and women. Whether you’re in search of a leather jacket or a textile one, the brand is certainly a name you can trust. Bike riders will be pleased to know that the company manufactures affordable products, thus catering to a large number of consumers.

Black Bilt blaze jacket.


Viking Cycle Ironborn Jacket.

Viking Cycle

Viking Cycle

Viking cycle is among the leading American brands in the motorcycle industry. The company focuses on offering authentic and quality products to its consumers. Viking Cycle manufacturers and crafts quality products while keeping the style and good quality in mind.

Bikers agree that Viking Cycle motorcycle jackets tend to be the best in the market. Regardless of what type of rider you are, the brand is sure to have something in store for you. Their textile and leather motorcycle jackets are particularly a hit among customers because of its futuristic design and added protection.

Leather Motorcycle Jacket Maintenance Tips

Most people avoid investing in a leather jacket because of its high costs and maintenance requirements. Rest assured, we have compiled this detailed guide to how you can retain the sheen of your jacket for years to come. Here are a couple of tips you should follow:

Get A De-Salter

Because of its heavy weight, wearing leather jackets can be a sweaty affair. So here’s the thing. While sweat may dry, it’ll leave behind salt in the fabric, causing the leather to become brittle, stiff and above all, uncomfortable to wear. To solve this problem, consider investing in a good quality desalter.

Leather Motorcycle Jacket Maintenance Tips

All you have to do is spray the desalter over the jacket and rub it in using a clean cloth or rag. Spraying the desalter in the interior of the jacket will also get rid of unpleasant odors, which is a good alternative to regularly washing your jacket which can damage the leather over time. Better yet, if your jacket has removable liners, spray the desalter over it for best results.

Use Shampoo To Wash The Grime Away

Perspiration and regular exposure to dust and dirt can cause the jacket to collect dust and grime. While using a desalter will help you get rid of excess salt, what can you use to get rid of dirt and debris? The answer is simple: leather shampoo.

Simply apply leather shampoo on a piece of cloth and start rubbing it on areas that have collected excess dirt or have discoloration. Once you have targeted these areas, clean the exterior of the jacket, resulting in a shiny appearance.

Importance Of Conditioning

Conditioning the leather jacket on a regular basis or as required can prolong the life of the garment. While the first two steps focus on the outer appearance of the leather jacket, conditioning keeps the jacket supple and pliable.

Importance Of Conditioning leather jacket.

If you use the jacket regularly, we suggest you condition it after every 2-3 months according to your convenience. However, if you're not a serious biker, conditioning the jacket once a year is enough.

Simply spray the conditioner on the jacket and use a sponge. You can condition the jacket once you have desalted and have gotten rid of excess dust. Using a condition will restore the leather's sheen, causing your jacket to look as good as new.

Textile Motorcycle Jacket Maintenance

Textile motorcycle jackets have many advantages over leather jackets. Textile is lightweight, water-resistant and is comfortable to wear year-around as opposed to leather jackets. However, similar to any other article of clothing, textile jackets require maintenance, and you need to clean them on a regular basis. Here's a short guide to help you get started:


First thing’s first, motorcyclists should learn how to clean a textile jacket and what detergents to use. Most brands recommend customers to hand wash their jackets to retain quality, while others are machine washable.

Textile Motorcycle Jacket Maintenance.

While most consumers use detergent to clean motorcycle jackets, it's not as ideal as detergent can leave behind residue, damaging the waterproof coating of the jacket. Using harsh detergent is not recommended if you are in need of a water-resistant jacket.

Invest in a commercial textile cleaner for the job or use cleaning products which have been recommended by the manufacturer. These commercial cleaner won't leave any residue behind and will not harm the waterproof coating of the jacket.


Constant wear and tear can cause the outer water-proof layer to break down. Sure, you can invest in a new jacket but why bother if you can fix the old one for a nominal price. Apply waterproof treatment over the entire jacket, which will make the textile jacket waterproof again so that you remain comfortable and dry in the rain.


Using the right safety gear can minimize the chances of dangerous accidents, which is why it is important you invest in the right motorcycle gear.

Safety Features.

Hopefully, this detailed guide has provided you all the information you need about motorcycle jackets. You can check out our buyer's guide for details. The guide also features a list of the top motorcycle jackets. Good luck!

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